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Exploring Blocks with Infants and Toddlers

Posted on Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Iowa Child Care Resource & Referral of NE Iowa will be sponsoring a 1.5 hour Exploring Blocks with Infants and Toddlers workshop.

Children who play with blocks outperform those who do not throughout their entire academic careers. Block play offers opportunities for learning scientific concepts such as cause and effect, and mathematical concepts such as quantity, classification and ordering. Block play with young infants results in understanding the sensory nature of blocks. As early as six months, babies are able to build their fine-motor skills to grasp, hold, and examine by shaking and mouthing them. Most of this examination is done through mouthing them. Adults can engage with babies in block play by modeling dropping blocks into a plastic container and then pouring them out. Babies also enjoy blocks when adults stack blocks so baby can knock them down. By 12 months, babies are beginning to place one block on top of another on their own. You may see them explore physical properties by banging them together. By 18 months, blocks can be a vehicle to explore sorting, balancing, and stacking. 

Simply having blocks available does not guarantee development. Intentional interactions of adults matter. This workshop will invite participants to revisit block play through the lens of infants and toddlers. Participants will consider how to facilitate development through observation, questions, to determine the type of blocks and accessories to support play rather than hinder it. Careful observation of infant and toddler skills and abilities informs adults in what types of blocks to set out, how many to set out, and how to present them to infants and toddlers.  

To attend this workshop, please register at DHS Training Registry.

Saturday, December 15, 2018
Waverly, IA